Raaga, Jenny Lin, and more

I'll keep it brief:

1. I'm working on a piano étude for Jenny Lin and ICEBERG New Music. Jenny will be recording our études and touring with them, culminating in a January 2019 presentation on Seth Boustead's radio show Relevant Tones, broadcast live from (le) poisson rouge in New York.

2. My choral piece Motion and Use, developed this past winter at the Banff Centre with Pro Coro Canada and Michael Zaugg, will receive its full-chorus premiere this fall in Edmonton. I'm grateful to Pro Coro and Michael, and I can't wait to hear how it sounds expanded from eight voices to twenty-two. More info here: https://procoro.ca/event_A%20Living%20Soul

3. I just finished a two-week intensive at Arts Letters and Numbers outside Albany, NY. The Creative Music Intensive focused on areas of music often ignored by major institutions: we studied just intonation and sang raagas every morning. Lots of free improv, too. Getting outside the new music sphere - in any way - is vitally important for composers if we are to remain fresh.

4. I'm currently participating in New Amsterdam Records' Composer Lab, and I can't recommend it highly enough. If you're trying to build a career and a musical life in the cracks between institutions, and if you're not quite sure where you fit - as has often been the case for me - the Lab is well worth checking out.

5. I'm getting married next month! I know it's not Career News but I run this website by myself and you can't stop me from kvelling.