Banff and ICEBERG

I've just returned from three weeks at the Banff Centre, where I participated in the first Banff Choral Arts program with Pro Coro Canada and Michael Zaugg. I can't recommend the program enough; if you're a composer or conductor with any interest in choral music, apply. It's so rare to compose music and hear eight professional singers read it literally an hour later. Everybody involved was incredibly friendly and supportive, which can be sadly uncommon in our little field.

Also, the Banff Centre is the most luxurious artist residency I've ever attended - three delicious meals a day, a full gym, and three ski resorts within an hour's drive. We did a day trip to frozen Lake Louise, where I played hockey and hiked across the lake. Like I said, apply!

This past February, the Locrian Chamber Players - New York new music stalwarts who only perform music less than ten years old - performed my trio Devotion (for flute, cello, and piano). I wasn't there but I heard the performance went swimmingly, and I'm honored to have been programmed by such a distinguished ensemble.

Coming up soon:

  • Tomorrow, March 17, my clarinet solo Eat Your Vegetables will be performed at the NACUSA National Conference in Kansas City. 2pm, Gano Memorial Chapel at William Jewell College.
  • ICEBERG New Music's 2018 season is here! On March 23, the great Mivos Quartet will premiere my first string quartet, Earth Tones, at the Tenri Cultural Institute in downtown Manhattan. It's an investigation of Schumann resonances via just intonation and dance-pop. We also have a concert on April 20 with two-keyboard two-percussion powerhouse Yarn/Wire, also at Tenri.
  • On April 5, the Boston New Music Initiative will present Eat Your Vegetables at Arts at the Armory in Somerville.

Hope to see you somewhere at something!