brief mid-winter update

I just finished two and a half incredible weeks at the New Dramatists Composer-Librettist Workshop, facilitated by Nautilus Music-Theater. I cannot recommend this program enough for creators of new music-theater of any sort (opera, musicals, alternative music-theater, or anything in-between). Don't expect to sleep much, though.

Now on to a new piece for loadbang, for ICEBERG New Music's inaugural season. I'm setting the Heart Sutra, a profound Buddhist text. And I'm doing it in Sanskrit, which is proving to be quite the challenge - though a welcome one!

Next month, it's off to Finland for a month in the snowy woods at the Arteles Center. Looking forward to daily saunas and maybe even the Northern Lights.

Finally: as the world we thought we knew falls to pieces around us, we have to keep making art. We can still celebrate what is beautiful and true about humanity, and it will nourish us for the fight. Stay strong - I'll be right there with you.