Form And Place

2015 // 3.5'
for Pierrot ensemble
composed for and premiered at the 2015 Cortona Sessions

Megan Cooney, conductor; Francesca Ferrara, flute; David Angelo, clarinet; Ting Ong, piano; Alex Betsold, percussion; Nina Fronjian, violin

Program Note:

"Form And Place" is dedicated to FORM Arcosanti, an indie and electronic music festival held annually at the Arcosanti urban laboratory north of Phoenix. For three days, 1200 people - selected by application and (at the time) given free tickets - come together to make and experience art, share the best of ourselves, and dance till dawn in the desert. All this happens against the unique backdrop of Arcosanti, designed to explore new ways of creating sustainable, community-driven urban landscapes.


flute, clarinet, piano, percussion (marimba and vibraphone), violin